Age limit and No. of attempts required for NEET 2018.

NEET Admin 9/23/2017 7:35:43 AM

Earlier this year when CBSE released its notification for NEET UG 2017 it imposed a cap on the number of attempts and age limit to appear for the exam. This surprised most of the candidates those who were out of the ambit of these requirements and a round of agitations started all across the country. Supreme Court intervened in the matter and on March 31st, 2017 allowed students having age above 25 years to appear for NEET 2017. Later on MCI removed the cap on number of attempts also.

Age Limit & No. of Attempts criteria for NEET 2018

As the verdict of the Supreme Court is supposed to be for one year only, CBSE has to clarify on the same by issuing a notification . As of now candidates having age above 25 years are also preparing for NEET 2018 and NEET 2019. We would also suggest them to continue with their preparation as we are hoping for a positive outcome.

Best of Luck!