How to prepare for NEET 2018 to secure a good rank?

NEET Admin 10/31/2017 5:18:34 AM

Most students preparing for medical entrance exams generally wonder how to prepare for the exams, what can be the best plan to do so, how to strategize their preparation so that they can be ahead of others. Therefore, we have come up with some points which can definitely help you lead your way towards a right direction in your preparation.

Here are a few points which can help you prepare for NEET 2018:

  1. Make sure your fundamentals or basics are very clear of the subjects. Start reading NCERT books thoroughly as they are best for clearing fundamentals. Students having CBSE Board will not have a problem as these books are a part of their curriculum but for students having other boards, we suggest buying NCERT books and compare with your course curriculum as most of the topics will be same and only additional topics are to be studied from these books.
  2. Make sure you make a thorough schedule of the way you want to study else you will not be able to complete the syllabus in time. Differentiate between chapters which needs revision and which needs thorough preparation. Working in this manner will help you cover all parts of the syllabus uniformly.
  3. Make sure jotting down all the important concepts and points while moving forward with your syllabus. Try reading it once everyday before going to sleep.
  4. Make sure you work hard more on the weaker areas to strengthen them. If required, you can take help from experts at KAHOTA to clear your concepts.
  5. Make sure you practice test papers regularly so that you have a proper idea of managing time as NEET-UG examination is time limited. Candidates have to finish 180 questions in 180 minutes (3 hours) which means they can give a maximum of 1 minute per question. Time management is a mandatory skill that is required for this exam. We at KAHOTA provide online test papers with timers for all 3 subjects which can help you practice test papers with proper time management.
  6. Make sure you remember formulas and create a list of formulas for every chapter of Physics & Chemistry, because it is handy for last minute preparation.
  7. Last but not the least, practice more and more and analyse your performance so that you can attain and maintain a good accuracy level. Join KAHOTA!