NEET 2018: 6 Steps to prepare for the exam in the last 2 months..!!

NEET Admin 3/7/2018 10:01:39 AM

With only 2months left for NEET UG 2018 exam, we hope that almost all of you must havecompleted your syllabus for the exam. Therefore, we recommend you to followthese steps which can help you to increase your accuracy and also score a highrank in the exam.

  1. ·        Revisethe syllabus thoroughly again and again.
  2. ·        Makea list of all the important formulas & short cut methods.
  3. ·        AttemptFull Length Tests & Sectional tests (as many as you can)keeping a closewatch on time management.
  4. ·        AttemptMock Tests and analyse the mistakes, note them down and try not to attempt themin the coming tests.
  5. ·        Makea list of the topics in which you are strong and a separate list in which youare weak. Try to improve on the weaker sections.
  6. ·        Havea close check on your accuracy levels.(95% and above is ideal).

Best ofLuck..!!