NEET UG 2017- Points to remember before entering the exam hall!

NEET Admin 5/2/2017 10:09:32 AM

There are a few important points you should remember before you enter the Exam hall to give NEET UG 2017. Make sure you don't miss them.

  1. Read the instructions very carefully as there can be a useful information hidden regarding the test.
  2. We assume that you have prepared well for the exam so you might be knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Always attempt those questions first which you are confident that you will definitely get it right.
  3. If you think that a question is little difficult or lengthy to solve in first place than look at the answer options and go for elimination technique (Eliminate wrong answers by putting them in the question).
  4. Do not pick questions only because they are smaller as sometimes longer questions are easy to solve. Choose the questions smartly.
  5. Keep your cool and don’t be nervous if the paper seems to be tough, as it is tough for all the applicants.

Best of Luck!