NEET UG 2018- Want to secure a good rank? Schedule your study accordingly!

NEET Admin 10/27/2017 3:25:58 AM

Are you looking for a study plan to ace NEET-UG exam for admission in MBBS, BDS or other medical courses? Mentioned below is an ideal study schedule devised by our experts, to be followed before appearing for NEET-UG.

Initial Study Schedule

Biology - Revise NCERT books & make notes of important topics, which you tend to forget more.


Organic- All named reactions should be on your tips and learn how a reaction is proceeding at each step.

Inorganic – Try to revise theory as much as you can & devote more time concentrating on properties like acidity , basicity, strength e.t.c

Physical – Remember all formulas  & their applications. Practice few questions after completing every topic.

PhysicsTry building your concepts. Practice questions to strengthen your concepts. All formulas & tricks should be on your tips.

Mid Study Schedule

Practice sectional tests regularly & try questions of those topics in which you feel your accuracy level is not up to the mark and topics in which you are doing silly mistakes. It is around 15-30 days phase, in which you cover topics, you are not comfortable in.

 End Study Schedule

It is the rapid fire phase before NEET-UG when 15- 20 days are left. Practice mock tests regularly to know your accuracy level and your rank among other students. Devote 3-4 hours daily to revise theoretical portion of all subject. Mock tests are important at these stages as you will answer the question paper within time limit of 3 hours which gives you a feel of the real exam in exam hall . After completing Mock test, analyse the paper looking into the answers & mark some most typical questions for further revision.This will help you in time management & attaining a decent accuracy level.

  • You can apply the same schedule for preparation of AIIMS UG also.